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Arkansas invites everyone to come and experience the diversity of natural beauty, arts and entertainment, cultural experiences and history that The Natural State has to offer and we're striving to make it easy for everyone to do. Use the helpful information below to find accessible destinations, attractions, campgrounds, lodging and dining establishments within the state. To see listings of accessible festivals and other happenings, select "Accessible Events." (Related Article)

Accessible Attractions & Facilities in Arkansas State Parks

Our federal and state parks and museums are leading the way in providing accessible attractions, activities, programs and facilities for visitors with disabilities. Many Arkansas state parks have remodeled and retrofitted historic structures and older park facilities to provide barrier-free access. All new, public park facilities such as visitor centers, pavilions, playgrounds, fishing piers, scenic overlooks, camping areas, restrooms and bathhouses are accessible.

Accessible Campgrounds & Lodging in Arkansas State Parks

Arkansas state parks have accessible campgrounds and other lodging facilities. Selected campsites in each park campground have tent pads and picnic tables that are designed to be accessible for persons with disabilities, and nine parks offer barrier-free rental cabins as well. The four state parks lodges include accessible guest room and bathroom facilities, and many trails leading through forests and archeological sites are barrier-free for wheelchair friendliness. Find these facilities listed on the Arkansas State Park Web site,, or call 1-888-AT-PARKS for a brochure detailing accessible park facilities, for assistance or to make a reservation. This guide provides details on accessibility levels for a wide variety of park facilities — noted as accessible, reasonably accessible or inaccessible.

Arkansas's federal and state parks are dedicated to meeting the needs of persons with disabilities. Come explore and experience The Natural State's diversity of scenic, recreational, cultural and historic parks. Whether you’re traveling for a couple of days or a week, add a few of these accessible attractions to your next Arkansas road trip itinerary.

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