Welcome Program

The Natural State has always been known for friendly people and Southern hospitality. With the Welcome to Arkansas program, we've taken what comes naturally and stepped it up a notch to provide our visitors with superior customer service and genuine Arkansas hospitality.

Communities all across Arkansas are making sure their citizens know how to roll out the red carpet for tourists. The Welcome to Arkansas program is the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism's effort to help Arkansans persuade visitors to linger awhile and see the sights in their town.

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Participating towns receive lapel pins, window signs, customized laminated information cards and a DVD designed to help residents let visitors know they're welcome.

The Welcome to Arkansas program is a state-funded initiative to train front-line workers to host visitors in communities all across The Natural State. Hotels, restaurants, convenience stores and other Arkansas hospitality businesses participating in the program have received resources to help them give you great vacation ideas and tips, and you can expect their service to be nothing short of exceptional.

If you are planning your vacation online, look for the Welcome to Arkansas logo when selecting among lodging, dining and entertainment options. When you visit, keep your eyes open for businesses displaying Welcome to Arkansas window clings and buttons. Whenever you see a Welcome to Arkansas logo, you can be confident that employees are experts on all of the exciting destinations and peaceful retreats their regions have to offer. They'll let you know how much there is to see and do here. And with their knack for making people feel at home, you might even decide to stick around a little longer and enjoy the Arkansas hospitality.