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Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area & Campground

What to know

This scenic area consists of two hiking trails Pedestal Rocks and Kings Bluff. Pedestal Rocks is 2.2 -miles and Kings Bluff is 1.7-miles long. Although there are some steep sections, the trails are easy to hike with abundant resting places. The trail is located at the top of the Illinois Bayou River Drainage. While hiking the trail, you will see layer upon layer of sediment that was deposited when the area was under water millions of years ago. After the water receded, the land raised to form a dome called the Ozark Plateau. Since then, natural erosion has been occurring to form the Ozark Mountains. On the trail, you will see unique formations, called pedestals that were formed by weathering. Kings Bluff features a large flat bluff top with a waterfall that flows over the ledge.
Hwy. 16
Witts Springs, AR 72686