Arkansas History!


Do you like history?  Arkansas’s history isn’t just one story. It’s many stories. Our diverse geography and location in the heart of the nation have helped make the state’s history an interesting part of America’s story. There are many neat places to explore our local heritage and culture.


Tales of Native Americans, pioneers, Civil War battles, and the civil rights movement are told at many Arkansas museums, Civil War battlefields, archeological sites, national park and state park sites and exhibits across the state.  You can learn about pioneers, an oil boom, blues and mountain folk music, diamonds, and an Arkansan who rose to the U.S. Presidency. If you are interested in learning more about Arkansas history, a good place to start is here.   Included in this post are a few cartoons ( that were created by local writer/illustrator Craig Ogilvie) that give a quick peek into our intriguing heritage too. Enjoy!