Arkansas x DressHead Sexy And Sensuous Halter Dress


Arkansas x DressHead Sexy And Sensuous Halter Dress – Lacy / Choker Collar / Two Metal Buttons

Sexy and sensuous describe this arkansas x lacy dress made of polyester and spandex, working together to form this hourglass design, which is naturally flattering to the female figure. The choker collar has two metal buttons that fasten in the back of the dress, so no zipper is required. Lining that matches each color choice, blue, white or black, is used to best show off your curves and move with your body easily. The front of this dress is open to the bodice with sheer lace that sweeps downward to the curved bosom. The back slopes softly to the lower shoulders. Lace extends throughout the body of the dress, then hangs a little lower than the hemline so that the lace only is visible and see-through. This dress is sewn with the female figure in mind. One size fits all length is 88 cm, 78 cm and the waist is 70 cm.