The Art of Enjoying Wine


I enjoy a nice glass of wine some evenings. I have learned over the years to cater to my own taste and not equate good with price because I’ve liked and disliked wines on the expensive and cheap side of the spectrum.  Well, expensive in the moderate budget sense anyway. While I can tell you the main characteristics of wines, sometimes the more subtle notes are lost to me, which is why this sensory evaluation seminar that demystifies the complexities of wine is appealing to me.

Taking place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on April 20 at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, the seminar provides practical tools for enhancing your enjoyment of wine. You’ll learn how to taste and talk about wine, explore the intricacies of food and wine pairing, and unravel the mysteries behind wine. Through practical exercises, you’ll enhance your knowledge and gain valuable experience with wines you may not have tried. This class is for those new to wine as well as the experienced enthusiast.

The course is taught by Lorri Hambuchen, who’s love and appreciation of wine has led her to wine writing and education. She is the author of Uncorked, a weekly wine column offering advice to readers on the best way to shuffle through the vast amounts of wines, giving her audience an educated opinion of wine with a straightforward explanation for buying.


In addition to writing and instructing, as well as appearing regularly on TV and radio, Lorri also is the owner of The Wine Center. She holds a Diploma in Wines and Spirits from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust in London, a pro­gram she helped bring to Arkansas.

The cost is $75 per person or $125 per couple. You must be 21 to attend (of course). To register, contact Veronica Post at [email protected] or call 479-508-3370. Space is limited, so register now.

And feel free to leave me comments regarding your favorite wines. Dry reds and whites are my preference. I’d love some ideas for new wines to try.