Art meets science in Little Rock summer camps


There’s a reason the words “arts and sciences” appear together so often and that the phrase has such a nice ring to it—art and science are compatible disciplines because they’re more alike than they are different. Both employ exploration and creativity as a means to answering life’s big questions. During the summer, kids can explore that relationship in a variety of day- and week-long camps offered by the Museum of Discovery and the Arkansas Arts Center


Both are also great destinations to visit year round. The Museum of Discovery’s art and science offerings include a variety of exhibits from those that explores the human body, to those that deal with physics, engineering and math lessons, to ones that examine global earth processes and weather in Arkansas. The museum is a great school trip destination and one of the best Little Rock museums for families with kids.

Museum of Discovery

The Arkansas Arts Center is located in historic MacArthur Park and has an international collection of art and special exhibitions; live theatre performances for family audiences; and family festivals.