Birds and Breakfast at Hobbs


Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area in Rogers just announced a new program series titled “Birds and Breakfast,” and we aren’t talking scrambled eggs and coffee, y’all.


Well, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or juice. You’ll also experience a close up view of the feathers of a goldfinch or chickadee and then help release the birds back into the wild. You’ll probably be serenaded with a bird song or two also.

From 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. for four Saturdays, the University of Arkansas will be catching, banding, measuring and recording data on these birds, then releasing them. Birds and Breakfast is a great way to see research in action and a fun way to learn about how this research has taught us many things we now know about birds.

The program is offered Feb. 2, Feb. 23, April 6, and May 4 as part of International Migratory Bird Day. Breakfast is sponsored by Harps. All activities are free and no registration is required. The park visitor center is located on Ark. 12 just east of Ark. 12 and the War Eagle Road intersection. For more information call, 479-789-5000.