British Car Week National Meet Heads to Hot Springs Village


Many may know what a MG or Jaguar is. But what  about an Allard, Sunbeam, or Singer? If you are into British cars, or are curious to find out more about them, keep these dates marked on your calendar: The British Car Week National Meet is set for May 29-June 2 in Hot Springs Village. For the event, British car owners and British car clubs from all over the U.S. are heading to Arkansas for driving tours and the national meet.


British Car Week is a week each year when British car owners are encouraged to get out, drive their cars, promote the collector car hobby and bring awareness to the public about British cars.

British Car Week was created by Scott Helms in 1997. Helms wanted to find a way to promote awareness of the Classic British Car hobby and for a means for owners to get their cars out of the garage and drive them.

The British Car Week National Meet was created by Barry Harrison three years ago. Harrison knew  there were already many opportunities each year to attend car shows. But those shows are usually model and brand specific. His idea was that there should be at least one organized effort each year to bring everyone together, no matter the model of the car. Everyone with an interest in British cars and bikes is invited to experience and enjoy the gathering.

As part of the meet, four days of activities are being planned in and around the Village including mass drives to Petit Jean Mountain ( including a tour of the Museum of Automobiles atop Petit Jean Mountain) , DeGray Lake Resort State Park and Hot Springs National Park.

For more details on the event, check out this link.