“Dinosaurs Around the World” at the Clinton Presidential Center


“Dinosaurs Around the World,” the newest temporary exhibit at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock will be on display from April 25 to October 18. Visitors will take a virtual trip around the globe to experience life during the Age of the Dinosaurs.


Visitors will encounter 13 life-sized roaring, breathing dinosaurs as they travel the varied landscape of the ancient world. Trotting the globe from the once-sandy beaches of Antarctica to the plains of Africa, explorers will discover the variety of creatures that once inhabited the supercontinent of Pangea and how the landscape affected the lifestyles of the dinosaurs that lived there.

The exhibit was welcomed with a full-capacity World Premiere Opening Program on April 22 featuring special guest Jack Horner. The world-renowned paleontologist has served as scientific director for all of the Jurassic Park films. During the premiere, Horner discussed the physiological diversity of the extinct reptiles and the purpose of the various shields, fins, spikes and crests found on the many species of dinosaurs.

Visit the Clinton Presidential Center April 25 – October 18 to experience this one-of-a-kind exhibit. More information is available by calling 501-748-0425 or by visiting www.ClintonPresidentialCenter.org/dinosaurs.