Enjoy ice-cold watermelons at Hope Watermelon Festival!


The state’s largest watermelons are celebrated each August at the Hope Watermelon Festival in Hope. The event usually includes ice-cold watermelons sold by the slice, watermelon weigh-ins, and watermelon eating and seed spitting contests.

The festival itself dates back to the mid-1920s when the city staged a one-day annual festival. During these, locals served watermelon to passengers on the many trains that stopped in this small town.

Hope also holds title to the largest watermelon in the world. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Arkansas native Lloyd Bright’s 268.8 pound melon (grown on a farm east of town) is the world’s largest and the town also has other watermelons that have made the record books too.

Along with eating watermelons, there are other festival activities such as arts and crafts, food, a 5K race, and a closing night concert. The festival is held at Fair Park at 800 South Mockingbird. For more details call 870-777-3640 or visit hopemelonfest.com.