Escape to Electric Island Nature Trail on Lake Hamilton

Electric Island
Electric Island

A neat adventure to take on is an excursion to Electric Island Nature Trail on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs. This 118-acre island in the middle of the lake is owned by the Nature Conservancy and is managed as a nature preserve by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. There is no hunting on camping allowed here but the 2-mile loop trail found on the island makes for a great hike to tack onto a boating, fishing, or paddling venture.

Electric Island Nature Trail

The island, and thus the trail, is only accessible via water, either by boat or kayak or canoe. On the trail you will find woodlands made up of oak, pine, and hickory trees and wildlife you can potentially encounter include raccoons, armadillo, woodpeckers, and more. There are also the remnants of old homesites you will pass by.

If you kayak to the island, please note that Lake Hamilton is a popular boating destination, especially on weekends and holidays. Boats, and elements like the wind, can create waves and rough water so be prepared for various conditions. The island also makes a great spot to fish from as it has some of the last remaining wooded shoreline on the lake. Fish like bass, crappie, and bream call the lake home.