February at Garvan Woodland Gardens


 “Camelliasand Early Spring Interest in the Garden” – 9:30 a.m. to Noon and  “What Do I Do with All ThesePlants I keep Buying” -1 to 3.   Garden Director Bob Byers will share information about camellias, including theirhistory, flower forms, care, and cultivation techniques. Participants alsotake  a walk through the Gardens tosee the camellias planted by Verna Garvan. In the afternoon, Elizabeth Frazierof Landscape Design Company, will share tips for using plants in the garden.


 The gardens are located on the shores of Lake Hamilton and are part of the department of the University of Arkansas’ Fay Jones School of Architecture. It  is the only botanical garden in the nation that occupies all of a peninsula in a major water body. Popular garden attractions include The Anthony Chapel, a work of art that features a 57-foot, open-rafter ceiling supported by pine columns and crossbeams and the Joy Manning Scott Full Moon Bridge. There is also a 1.5 acre Evans Children’s Adventure Garden that provides a maze comprised of massive boulders for children to negotiate and a manmade cave with an entry behind a 12-foot waterfall.1-800-366-4664; www.garvangardens.org.