Holy Roller! Grab your mountain bike

Mountain biking trails at the Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs
Mountain biking trails at the Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs

If you’re headed to the Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, make sure to take your mountain bike.

While the Great Passion Play is known for its outdoor drama depicting Christ’s last days on earth, the seven-story Christ of the Ozarks statue, Holy Land Tours and more, it has also added 11 miles of mountain bike trails to its grounds. By the end of the year there will be 18 miles.

These trails are built specifically with mountain biking in mind and are graded on mountain biking difficulty. I’m guessing you’ll love the trails just as much as you’ll love their names.


Genesis is a 4.3 mile green, single direction loop and the first completed trail of the system. This trail is perfect for beginner mountain bikers and great for trail runners. It also takes you right past the feet of the Christ of the Ozarks statue.


Not ready to take on the full Genesis loop? Exodus can be used to "shortcut" the loop into a more desirable distance for beginners. However, Exodus is a green multi-directional, so it can also be used to lengthen the loop by repeating the lower section of Genesis.

Holy Roller

Holy Roller is an intermediate, blue, single direction trail of .7 miles. It is full of fun flowy rollers, jumps, drops, and berms. Jumps and drops are optional on this trail, so you can still enjoy the fast berms and flow without testing your limits. However, please DO NOT enter the trail if you are not positive that you are at an intermediate skill level. While the trail is built with safe fun features, it is important to know your abilities. If you are a beginner, please stick to the green trail. 


Atonement is a black, single direction expert trail. It is full of incredible jumps, technical rock gardens, and stunning scenery including massive boulders for the true mountain biking expert.

Hikers are also welcome on the trails, which are open every day of the year from dawn until an hour after sunset. Within the 660 acres of property, the trails go right by many of the areas of the Holy Land.

While on the grounds, you can also walk through Jerusalem’s Eastern Gate and journey through recreations of the Holy Land including the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. See the Sacred Arts Museum with hundreds of pieces of rare works in 64 different forms and the Bible Museum with 6,000 bibles (including an original 1611 King James Version of the Bible) and artifacts dating back to 2,000 B.C. Experience the popular free performances of David the Shepherd, the Parables of the Potter and the Sculptor. Also shop the biblical market place containing craftspeople making items throughout the day – sculptor, potter, carpenter, jewelry maker, painter, weaver. The Petting Zoo has the friendliest llama that’s ever been born, sheep, goats, a white Great Pyrenees dog, and chickens.

On performance nights, the Great Hall Buffet is open to the public and offers a convenient pre-show meal. 

The Great Passion Play’s season runs from the first weekend of May through the last weekend of October.

Featuring a cast of more than 150 actors and actresses, the play is performed amid a 550- foot historically accurate stage and brings to life the thrilling epic drama surrounding Christ’s last days on earth, including his death, resurrection and ascension.

The Great Passion Play runs one hour and 45 minutes and features an original musical score composed by Phil Perkins and performed by the world-renowned National Philharmonic Orchestra of London. The performance also features horses, donkeys, a Pharaoh Hound, and dozens of birds as well as camels.

For tickets, performance schedules, volunteer opportunities, or special event information, go to www.GreatPassionPlay.org or call toll free 800-882-7529.

The Great Passion Play (Photo Credit: Jeremy Skeens, Skeye Photography)