Illusionist Sean-Paul Will Cut a Lady in Half


Eureka Springs is one of those cool vibe towns that I never need an excuse to visit. Dining, shopping, attractions, art, architecture and scenery in this city are fun to go back to time and time again. But if you’re looking for a reason to hang out in the Ozarks in October, here’s one in addition to seeing the fall color.

Intrigue Sawing (2)

Sean-Paul of Intrigue Theater will cut a lady in half – Civil War style during his October shows.

In the 1920s, illusionists and magicians shocked the public with an effect where a lady was stretched out on a table and cut in half. This October, Illusionist Sean-Paul will do the same with a Civil War-themed twist that illustrates the heart breaking national divide of the war and the surgical methods of the time.

He will recruit two volunteers from the audience – one to play the part of a Union soldier and the other a Confederate. Juliane Fay of Intrigue Theater will lay down on a replica of the surgical amputation table of Dr. Alvah Jackson, a Eureka Springs doctor from that time period. The Confederate and Union Soldiers will strap her down to the table the same way they would a patient before performing an amputation. Using Civil War swords and blades Sean-Paul will cut Juliana Fay in half. Then, symbolic of our divided country, the two soldiers will pull the body apart in two pieces.

The event takes place at Gavioli Chapel and tickets are available at

Looking for more Halloween fun? Intrigue Theater will hold a séance at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs on Oct. 31. Click here for more information and tickets.