Inaugural Spa-Con in Hot Springs

Nichelle Nichols, who played Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek, will be at Spa-Con.

The inaugural Spa-Con is taking place September 23-25 in Hot Springs at the Hot Springs Convention Center. This colorful entertainment and comics convention is covering the bases and will have everything from comics, gaming, cosplay events, celebrity guests, film and TV collectibles, special panels featuring industry speakers, music and more. The convention is set to highlight genres from across pop culture, including sci-fi, anime, fantasy, animation, horror and more.

Guests making an appearance this year include actress Nichelle Nichols, who played Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica actors Michael Hogan, who played Colonel Saul Tigh, and Richard Hatch, who is the only actor to be in both the original series, which debuted in 1978, and the reimagined version, which was created in 2003.

Battlestar Galactica actor Michael Hogan.

The DeLorean, the time traveling car from the movie Back to the Future, will be on site as will a full size replica of the TARDIS, the time machine from the British science fiction show Doctor Who.

Also making an appearance will be the Arkansas Chapter of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers, a Star Wars costuming organization. PEELANDER-Z, a Japanese punk band from New York City, will perform on Friday night to start off the convention. The Hot Springs Convention Center is located at 134 Convention Boulevard. For more details on the schedule and admission prices, check out