Japanese Film Crew Covers Mt. Ida World Championship Crystal Dig


A Japanese film crew from Nihon TV covered The World Championship Quartz Crystal Dig in Mount Ida this weekend.
The footage is expected to be viewed by 15 million Japanese TV viewers. The event is held annually the second weekend in October. A Gem & Mineral show as well as a Quilt show is also held over the weekend. During the dig, contestants compete for cash and trophies and can keep all the crystals they mine during the contest. Due to rain the crystal fields were quite muddy but that didn’t stop competitors from digging in. Dig sites this year included Sweet Surrender, Arrowhead, and Fiddler’s Ridge (Bear Mountain). The Mount Ida area has been identified as one of the major deposits of quartz crystal in the state and makes up a major “quartz belt” within the Ouachita Mountains. For more information visit www.mtidachamber.com.