Keep warm in an Arkansas show cave this winter


It’s cold outside, which means it’s a perfect time to head to an Arkansas cave. The beauty about our caves is that most of them run an average of around 58 degrees year round. In the summer, they feel cool in temperature, while in the winter they feel warm to visitors.

So, if you’re stir crazy and ready to get outside without having to brace for the cold, just head underground. Arkansas has privately-owned, commercial tour caves open to the public as well as the massive Blanchard Springs Caverns operated by the U.S. Forest Service.

Some of these caves have steep areas or lots of steps. Others offer easy walking tours. Additionally, most caves are open throughout the year, although days of the week vary by season so call ahead to make sure of winter hours.

Arkansas Tour Caves

Blanchard Springs Caverns

Offers guided tours on trails that lead visitors through massive caverns filled with ever-changing formations. Also offers Wild Cave tour for the physically fit. Located in Mountain View.

Bull Shoals Caverns

Offers 45-50 minute tours through magnificent caverns formed 350 million years ago. Located in Bull Shoals.

Cosmic Caverns

The site of the Ozarks’ largest underground lake, offers a one-hour guided tour through subterranean rooms and across an underground bridge. Located on Ark. 21 N., Berryville.

Mystic Caverns

Features guided tours of two spectacular caverns, Mystic and Crystal Dome. 28 foot “pipe organ.” Located 8 miles south of Harrison in Marble Falls.

Onyx Cave

Radio headphones guide you through the cave as you pass amazing formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Easy access ramps take you to this Arkansas cave, and a non-strenuous trail leads you through it. Located six miles east of Eureka Springs.

Old Spanish Treasure Cave

Guided tour includes fossils of an ancient sea. This cavern is filled with fascinating legends of hidden treasure buried by the Spanish Conquistadors. Learn why it is believed the treasure is still here. Located near Sulphur Springs.

War Eagle Cavern

Located on a secluded site used by the Indians hundreds of years before the first European settlers came to the area. Every effort has been made to leave the caverns and ground in their natural state. Offers 40-minute tour; gemstone panning.  Located in War Eagle near Rogers on Beaver Lake. NOTE: War Eagle Cavern usually closes for the winter season, when its bats are sleeping, and reopens each March.