Natural Areas highlight rare sites in Arkansas

Rattlesnake Ridge Natural Area near Little Rock
Rattlesnake Ridge Natural Area near Little Rock

Natural areas are great places to experience a wilder version of Arkansas. Of the state’s 75 natural areas, 25 have hiking and or water trail options to explore. These areas are specifically set aside to preserve, and sometimes restore, species and habitat types that have become rare in the state.

In Arkansas, the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission holds the reins of being in charge of this System of Natural Areas. While natural areas are some of the most important conservation sites in the state, they are also open to the public to visit and experience these special places. Several natural areas are only a short road trip away.

For details on the natural areas within the state and tips on what visitors should be sure to remember when visiting, check out Below is a peek at the beauty that awaits by visiting a natural area.