On the radar: Prospectors’ Gemboree at Crater of Diamonds State Park


An interesting annual event takes place at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro each summer: the Prospectors’ Gemboree and Famous Crater Diamonds Exhibition.

“Prospectors’ Gemboree is a day to celebrate our visitors, who come from all over the world to search for diamonds in Arkansas,” said Park Interpreter Waymon Cox. “Diamond finders and collectors bring their gems to the event for visitors to see some of the beautiful finds from our park.”

Cox said they typically have about a dozen finders and collectors in their exhibition. “Many visitors enjoy meeting Crater diamond finders and collectors during the annual Famous Crater Diamonds Exhibition,” he said. “It’s a rare public display of Crater diamonds and a chance for visitors to meet some of the finders and hear the stories behind the finds.”

Crater of Diamonds State Park is located at 209 State Park Road in Murfreesboro.