Run the Line Half Marathon in Texarkana


The Run the Line Half Marathon in Texarkana is a chance to participate in a race in two states! The half marathon, whose route goes through Arkansas and Texas and offers an opportunity to run down State Line Avenue, takes place on February 21 at 8 a.m. The 13.1 mile-route is a single loop course that starts in downtown Texarkana, Texas, at the intersection of Broad and Main Streets.


From the starting line, racers run across the state line into Arkansas and down a one mile downhill stretch. The course then turns onto Nix Creek Trail, which is one of several trail projects the race raises money for. After 2.5 miles on this trail the course goes through Texarkana, Arkansas, neighborhoods before heading up one of the biggest hills on the course and across the state line back into Texas.

After reaching the halfway point, the route heads toward Spring Lake Park then up and down several small hills through neighborhoods south of the park before heading toward downtown. Runners will then experience some of the older historic Texarkana neighborhoods as they head for the finish. Less than a mile from the finish the course hits State Line Avenue, where racers run down the state line between Texas and Arkansas. After rounding the courthouse, the route goes back into Arkansas and toward the finish line festivities at 3rd and Wood Streets. The race is also part of the Arkansas Grand Prix series.

Of note, there will be an early 7:30 a.m. start for walkers or those needing extra time to finish the event. The race will also have starting waves and pace groups. There will also be a Kids Run the Line Too event occurring the day before the race on February 20. This fun run is about a mile long and takes place on the campus of the Christus St. Michael Health System.  For more details on the race, visit or call 903-792-7186.