StoryCorps in Hope


StoryCorps is making its way to Hope care of the President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site. The national oral history project will be there as part of the Centennial of the National Park Service, which is taking place this year across the country. The purpose of StoryCorps is to record stories across the nation. Citizens can make a reservation to interview someone in the community they know or would like to learn more about.


According to their website, StoryCorps’ mission is to “preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.We do this to remind one another of our shared humanity, to strengthen and build the connections between people, to teach the value of listening, and to weave into the fabric of our culture the understanding that everyone’s story matters. At the same time, we are creating an invaluable archive for future generations.”

Recordings in Hope are set to take place on August 25 at Hempstead Hall (2500 South Main) and 40 minutes are set aside for the conservation. The event is an opportunity to preserve the stories of the community so that future generations can hear them. At the end of the interview session, participants take home a recorded CD of their conversation, and a copy is archived (with their permission) at the Library of Congress and with the President Clinton Birthplace National Historic Site and National Park Service.

Limited interview slots are available and reservations to participate can be made by contacting Christian Davis at [email protected] or 870-777-4455 by August 19. More about StoryCorps can be found at the video below.

The President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site is the home where Bill Clinton, the 42nd U.S. President, spent the first four years of his life with his mother and grandparents. It is located at 117 S. Hervey Street in Hope and free tours of the home are available.

Other events are also being planned at the site for August 25 including a Music in the Park event and special evening tours of the birthplace home. Local artists will also be brought in to celebrate not only the Centennial but also President Clinton’s 70th birthday, which is also in August.  More details about the President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site can be found at