Transformation Conference Set for July 17-19

If you want to be around high energy and like-minded people who are into mind expanding ideas, the Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference on July 17-19 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Springdale is for you.

The conference includes metaphysical and spiritual lectures and a psychic fair. You’ll be exposed to wonderful energy where you can open your mind to more possibilities and probabilities i the field of metaphysics and spirituality. Speakers cover subjects such as astrology, levels of God, manifestation, angels, dream interpretation, channeling, co-creation, karma, reincarnation, spirit guides, mediation, developing innate abilities, tarot, natural healing, ancient history, herbology, star children, near death experiences, UFO experiences, and dowsing.

While there is a cost for the conference, the Psychic Fair is open to the public with free admission. For more information, visit