Tuesday Fitness Fix: Adventure Sprint Races at White Oak Lake State Park


August 28 hosts sprint and advanced adventure sprint races at White Oak Lake State Park in Bluff
City.  This will be the second of the Ozark Extreme Adventure Sprints for this year.  

According to race officials, the format of the series is set to change slightly. Advanced racers
will now start 30 minutes ahead of sprint racers and will experience a slightly different race featuring a navigation section somewhere along the course rather than throughout the entire race. The biking, paddling and running sections will be marked and simple maps will be used for both the advanced and sprint racers.

Also, advanced racers will now plot their navigation points for greater accuracy. All categories of racers will have to collect surprise checkpoints along the course.

Each racer should prepare for 4 to 6 miles of hiking, 8 to 12 miles of mountain biking and 1 to 2 miles of paddling. The race starts at 10:30 a.m.  For more details on the race click here