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Historical St. Elizabeth Catholic Church
Historical St. Elizabeth Catholic Church


Take a trip back in time and escape to the extraordinary!

Eureka Springs' history is colorful and lengthy. The town first drew visitors in the late 1800s because of the healing powers believed to be present in the springs here.

Declared a city by its residents on July 4, 1879, the name "Eureka!" means "I found it!" in Greek -- a fitting name for a place where so many early settlers found revival of health, renewal of spirit and a tribute to the curative nature of the spring waters. Before visitors began coming to Eureka Springs, at least 62 springs flowed from the hillsides. During the 19th century it was strongly believed that the mineral waters held curative properties and people flocked from around the country to be healed by the spring water. The onslaught of visitors prompted developers to build a resort community around these springs. The tourists drank the pure mountain water and soaked in spas, several of which still stand.

The healing tradition spawned by the springs lives on today in the abundance of day spas, massage therapists, herbalists, and alternative healers. While the springs today are not potable, they are wonderfully landscaped and lushly gardened. They provide excellent picnic and rest areas as well as giving a beautiful arboretum-like feel.

Stroll our narrow, winding streets and enjoy eclectic lodgings, nightlife, family entertainment, fabulous chef-owned restaurants and specialty shops galore. Relax and rejuvenate amid the many spa pleasures.

Discover beautiful, romantic Eureka Springs, selected as one of America's Distinctive Destinations by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.