Saline River

What to know

The Saline River is comprised of three major divisions--Middle, Alum and North Forks—which merge above Benton. Below this point the river flattens out as it traverses through Grant, Cleveland, Bradley and Ashley counties to its confluence with the Ouachita River in the Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge. It is the last major undammed stream in the entire Ouachita Mountain drainage, offering excellent fishing, scenery and backcountry floating. The Saline remains relatively unspoiled by man and creates an illusion of wilderness along much of its length. Dense forests line the river banks. Visitors may be treated to the sight of deer, mink, otters, beaver, muskrats and a variety of bird species. Fishing: The Saline is considered one of the most underrated fishing rivers in Arkansas. Smallmouth bass are found in the upper reaches; largemouth bass occupy the lower reaches; and the intermediate water between has a healthy population of spotted bass that overlaps into both areas. The warmouth, longear, and green sunfish top the panfish offering, with some bluegills and crappie. The river also has a good Arkansas Walleye fishery, and channel catfish are common. Rock bass are found in association with smallmouth bass on the upper third of the river. Fishing during much of the year is a "wade a little, fish a little" situation, making canoes the preferred choice of transportation.
River Access
Benton, AR 72015