OZ E-Bikes, LLC

What to know

We provide e-bike rentals in Bentonville and surrounding areas. With so many fun businesses popping up in Downtown Rogers, the Pinnacle area, Downtown Bentonville, and the 8th Street Market, we want to help the community easily see the unique features of the area. With the help of our E-Bikes, we will be able to cater to individuals young and old and allow them to experience our beautiful natural state. Since these bikes will be electric, the individual can choose how much energy they want to exert. NWA has become a large tourist biking attraction and we believe these E-Bike rentals will provide a great benefit to those visiting the area. Here at OZ E-Bikes, we offer Class 1 and Class 2 Certified Electric Bicycles for Rental. In the State of Arkansas, these two Classes of Electric Bicycles are allowed to go anywhere a regular bicycle can go. Learn more about E-bike Classes, along with Arkansas Biking Rules and Regulations at BikeNWA.

Why Us?

See more of the gorgeous NWA Trail System in a shorter amount of time. Less physical effort means that you can spend your time enjoying the views, not catching your breath.

Adjust the bike’s electric assistance to fit your preferences. It’s suitable both for people who want a good workout and for those that don’t want to expend much energy.

218 N Main Street
Bentonville, AR 72712