2nd Saturday Great Time to Visit Leslie

Jill M. Rohrbach
With a population of less than 500, the small town of Leslie may not seem like it would have much of a draw. But its downtown maintains a 1920s-era charm and is worth stopping in to shop for antiques or get a bite to eat. Don’t miss Serenity Farm Bread. The sweet aroma of bread baking…yum.

Serenity is located in the old Farmer’s Bank Building, and has been featured in Southern Living magazine. While it ships products throughout the continental U.S., it’s much more satisfying to stop in and buy on site because you can watch artisan bakers load the massive wood-fired brick oven with hand-shaped loaves. Serenity bakers use ancient techniques perfected in Europe to make the naturally leavened bread.

Leslie also boasts an active community theater and art gallery. This Saturday (April 9) is a great time to visit because the 2nd Saturday at the Killebrew Theater will be going on. Kickin Kountry, a country and southern rock band, will be back in town providing great dance music. 2nd Saturday at the Killebrew is a family-friendly event.

The music starts at 7:30 p.m. The $5 admission at the door goes to the Ozark Heritage Arts Center.

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