3.86-Carat Heart Shaped White Diamond Found at Crater of Diamonds State Park

Zoie Clift

The largest diamond found so
far this year was certified this week at Crater of Diamonds State Park, in
Murfreesboro. Named the Heart of Arkansas by its finder, the 3.86-carat white
diamond has a triangular shape and a clear shine. The finder, a 46-year-old
Murfreesboro resident, has unearthed other diamonds at the park before, but
this is the largest one. 

According to reports from the park, after the
discovery, he brought the diamond in a clear plastic gem box to the park’s
Diamond Discovery Center to have it registered and weighed.  According to
Park Interpreter Waymon Cox, “For finders of large diamonds, one of the most
important aspects of registering their diamond is choosing the perfect name for
it.  After careful thought and discussion with me and other park staff, he
decided to name it the Heart of Arkansas as an homage to his home state and because
of its shape.”

The Heart of Arkansas diamond was found in the East
Drain of the park’s diamond search area, the same area where this year’s
second-largest diamond

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