A Big Congratulations to the Quapaw Quarter


Little Rock’s
wonderful Quapaw Quarter has been chosen as one of This Old House Magazine’s Best Old House Neighborhoods of 2012. Huge kudos to all the residents and businesses who call the area home. Earlier this week I had the opportunity to drive through the Quarter. Even though I am familiar with the area, I was taken aback by the huge strides that have been made, especially since the tornado did such horrific damage. Meticulous renovations of gorgeous homes, both large and small in size, line the streets. Lawns are well-kept. The sense of neighborhood is amazing.

According to This Old House Magazine, the Quapaw Quarter is one of the best places to buy an old home. “Anyone looking for a more laid-back lifestyle that includes more strolling than driving would be wise to check out the Quarter. There are also community gardens, farmer’s markets, museums, theaters, and hospitals, all within walking distance. Most restoration work in the National Historic Districts is eligible for state rehabilitation tax credits.”

You can read the article online now. The print edition will be released at a later date.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been in the area, check it out. It does Little Rock and the state proud. And if you haven’t heard, one of Little Rock’s landmarks, the Villa Marre, is no longer a private residence. It’s now available for weddings, meetings, receptions and other special events.

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