A Glimpse into Arkansas: The State of Fishing Media Event

A day in the life the largest fishing media endeavor

to take
place in Arkansas-

For members of the Arkansas tourism communications team, most mornings started at 4:15 am with the blaring alarm clock.  The old Dunkin Donuts commercial, “time to make the donuts” came to mind because when I wanted to roll over and go back to bed, I’d repeat to myself, “time to make the coffee.” 
I was headquartered at Blue Lady Resort in Gamaliel, AR while Jill ran the logistics at Gaston’s White River Resort. Jill drove the shuttle every morning from Gaston’s White River Resort over to Blue Lady Resort on Lake Norfork. The team from Blue Lady Resort, Traditions Media and I would meet Jill at cabin 9 at Blue Lady Resort where coffee was waiting.  There we would assign guides to writers, pass put box lunches and wave as they took off in search of fantastic fish tales.
Zoie and Kim ran shuttles back and forth to the Little Rock airport throughout the days and nights.  Members of the Ozark Mountain Region Regional Tourism Association also ran shuttles to the Springfield, MO airport and back and forth between Gaston’s White River Resort and Blue Lady Resort. 
A massive photo shoot consumed days and nights of the first half of this event. During those days we ran shuttles and took care of the photo crew and writers needs–not your normal requests.  Things like “we need more minnows” or “where are the red worms?” or “bring in the big catfish” and the most common of the demands, “where is the fish report and who has caught what and how large?” The most memorable request occurred when the rainstorm we were working in wasn’t quite torrential enough.  The question became, how do we make it rain harder?  We figured out that one, you call in the Gamaliel Fire Department and the blast the models and fishing pros with high powered water from the fire boat water hose.  Other times, it was, “come down and hold this fish.”  For some reason, photographers like women holding fish.  I’ve never been a background model for actor fish before and other than being being cut by fins a couple of times and being covered in fish slime, it was a fun experience. 
Here are a few of those photos of me and the stars of the event.
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