A Great River Road Geocache Adventure


Kimberly J. Williams

The Great River Road National Scenic Byway is truly a jewel in the crown of the Arkansas Delta. Running along the eastern border of The Natural State, the Great River Road travels alongside the Mississippi River in Arkansas for more than 350 miles. Along the route you’ll find state parks, museums, Native American sites, Civil War sites and some of the most spectacular scenery around.


To honor famous byway’s 70th anniversary in 2008, special geocaches were placed in the 10 counties in Arkansas that border the route. Geocaching is basically a modern-day treasure hunt, using Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates. After the cache is hidden, the coordinates are then placed on various Internet sites. The coordinates are then used to find the cache. Geocaching is truly an activity for all ages. And I’m warning you…it is addictive!

The 10 special Great River Road caches were placed in Mississippi, Crittenden, St. Francis, Lee, Phillips, Monroe, Arkansas, Desha, Chicot and Drew Counties. Each one was placed at a historically significant location along the Great River Road, including museums, state parks and attractions. The coordinates for the special caches are:

Mississippi County – N 35° 34.196 W 090° 02.412

Crittenden County – N 34° 56.961. W 090° 20.284

St. Francis County – N 35° 00.546 W 090° 47.015

Lee County – N 34° 42.553 W 090° 41.836

Phillips County – N 34° 31.719 W 090° 35.322

Monroe County – N 34° 53.295 W 091° 11.501

Arkansas County – N 34° 22.478 W 091° 08.133

Desha County – N 33° 36.638 W 091° 12.096

Chicot County – N 33° 22.275 W 091° 11.623   

Drew County – N 33° 24.711 W 091° 27.712
So the next time you’re looking for something to do, why not do some geocaching along the Great River Road?

For more information on geocaching in The Natural State, click here.
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