A Meal to Remember at the Capital Bar & Grill

I’m ashamed to admit it, being a Little Rock native, but two weeks ago was the first time I’d ever eaten at the Capital Hotel Bar & Grill. I had dined at Ashley’s at The Capital before but never the bar. I’ve read many glowing articles about the food served at the bar and heard rave reviews from co-workers. Don’t ask me why I haven’t been…I just haven’t. I’ve heard stories about the fried black-eyed peas and the pimento cheeseburger in particular. When I was treated to a meal there recently, I had to try them.

The black-eyed peas appetizer could replace peanuts for me. They were…in a word…outstanding! We sat there and tried to figure out how to make them though I doubt anything I could concoct would be anywhere near their recipe. I would have been very happy making a meal out of them though I would have to have fought my tablemates for them.

A friend and I decided to order separate dishes and split them so we could sample more than one item. I ordered the Cuban, which has roasted Mojo pork, smoked ham and Gruyere cheese with house-made pickles on a house-backed baguette. A huge sandwich, it was very tasty and the pork melted in my mouth, it was so tender.
She ordered a burger topped with one of the restaurant’s specialties…homemade pimento cheese. Oh my word! I have to admit I’m not a huge pimento cheese fan, I guess from having eaten so much of it growing up. But this stuff is awesome. The burger, made of all-natural Creekstone beef, was the juiciest burger I have ever eaten and had so much flavor. The Parmesan fries are so tasty you don’t even need a condiment.

The meal was very affordable ($9 plate lunches) and the surroundings are superb. If you’ve never been, you need to treat yourself to a visit. Trust me…it won’t be your last.

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