A New Favorite at U.S. Pizza


U.S. Pizza
is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in the state. This Arkansas-based chain has been in business since 1972 and now has 13 locations.

There’s one not far from my house but I’m ashamed to admit I hadn’t been there is a while. It’s amazing what coupons will do. A recently acquired one motivated me to place an order. I had totally forgotten just how good this home-grown eatery is. I’m usually a tomato-sauce-based person but having a coupon made me a little adventuresome. I decided to try Erika’s Four Cheese with Spinach.

Oh my! First off, there is a real art to getting the crust just right and boy, did they hit it. The original stone hearth ovens they use provide the real deal. It had a thin crunchy crust that didn’t taste like a cracker. Theirs is so good it stayed crisp for leftovers the next day. The toppings? Fresh spinach, chopped onions, garlic, spicy tomatoes, olive oil and Alfredo baked with feta, sharp cheddar, Parmesan and fresh mozzarella cheeses.

I didn’t miss the tomato sauce one bit. It is a very tasty pizza with really good leftovers. It’s rare to find a pizza that is just as good warmed over as it was when ordered. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of it. The top photo here is of Dave’s Favorite. Curious? Check out the ingredients on the U.S. Pizza website. It may become your new favorite. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you which pizza is in the photo on the left because I wasn’t with our photographer the day of the photo shoot. But I’d be willing to bet it’s as good as all the others. Don’t want pizza? Don’t forget the salads for which they are equally famous.

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