All Aboard Is a Fun Place to Eat for All Ages

Kerry Kraus


I finally had the opportunity to eat at All Aboard Restaurant. I had read several articles about it since it opened but could not conceptualize the process of how it works. For those not familiar with All Aboard Restaurant & Grill in Little Rock, it serves your meal to you by train. Most reviews refer to it as a children’s eatery, but I enjoyed it myself and found myself watching overhead for the delivery trains. The almost five-year-old and three-year-old I had with me were fascinated.

Don’t go expecting fine dining. The somewhat limited menu still has a nice variety for the whole family. It includes burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, Arkansas chili, wraps, fries and salads. For the kids, grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken tenders. The food was good and delivered in a timely manner.

Train tracks suspended from the ceiling circle the restaurant with several “little engines that could” waiting for their assignment. Each engine has a tray hanging from it. This is where your food is deposited for its delivery. The engine then takes off, headed for its appointed destination. It reaches the appropriate table, drops off your entree to the elevated tray at your table then chugs away. Your tray descends to table height, you get your food, and proceed to enjoy your meal.

It’s really a fun way for a family to spend an afternoon or evening. Kids love it and, if adults come with the right frame of mind, they’ll enjoy it as well. It’s located in the Stein Mart shopping center on Cantrell Road.

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