Along Highway 70: Ms. Lena’s Pies

As you know, Interstate 40 from Brinkley to Carlisle is undergoing some major construction through late 2013, so we at Arkansas Tourism wanted to offers some things for travelers to do and see and EAT along U.S. 70. Today…it’s PIE!
The first time I visited Ms. Lena’s Pies in DeValls Bluff, I could smell the pies before I completely got out of the car. I was on my way home from Little Rock and I knew we were all going to work on a piece about things to see, do and eat along Highway 70. And, as far as I’m concerned, any time is a good time for pie!

Ms. Viv, daughter of Ms. Lena, and her daughter Kim were inside making pies with the windows open for a cooling breeze, which also allows the amazing smell of baking pies to escape outside…enticing those nearby to surely wonder what and where the lovely scent was coming.

Once inside, the aroma is even more intoxicating. When I arrived, Ms. Viv and Kim were working on coconut and chocolate pies. Coconut pie just happens to be my personal favorite. I sampled Ms. Lena’s coconut pie (Ms. Viv still uses her mother’s recipes), still warm from the oven. That’s all it took…I was hooked! I also tasted the peanut butter, the pineapple cream, and the chocolate. I had more pie that day than during the holidays!

Ms. Lena opened the shop in 1992 and worked there until 2004. Ms. Viv, who worked alongside her mom from the beginning, took over the business when Ms. Lena passed away. The majority of the recipes are her mom’s, although Ms. Viv has added a few over the years…like the Hershey’s Sundae pie. If you like chocolate, you owe yourself the chance to try this pie!

Ms. Lena’s is open Thursday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. The pie menu is impressive. Coconut, chocolate, half coconut/chocolate, lemon meringue, peanut butter, pineapple cream, apple, sour cream apple, egg custard, buttermilk, Hershey’s Sundae, strawberry, lemon icebox and Mounds. Whole pies are $14 and slices are $2.50. Ms. Viv doesn’t offer every pie every day, so your choice of slices depends on what’s available. Call 870-998-1393 to place orders.

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