American Strong Man Competition Returning to Hot Springs


Zoie Clift

Rawr! (That was supposed to be the
sound of a strong man. Or woman.) Speaking of, some of America’s strongest
(Rawr!) men are returning to Hot Springs to decide just who is America’s
Strongest Man. The competition takes place at Summit Arena August 5-6.
This will be the first time the city hosts the finals of the contest. Last year, the ASC National Championship was held in town.
As part of the contest, a meet-and-greet for fans has also been scheduled in. Among the contestants is Arkansas native and ASC
athlete Brad (Wolverine) Dunn. 
Here is a look at the lineup:
Iron Mind Axle Clean and Press
Max: Each lifter will have three attempts. (There will be a predetermined
weight chart.) Each lifter will have one minute per attempt. No built up belts.
Chalk only. (This will be an official Iron Mind “world record” event.) 
Yoke &
Sled: Drag a 950-pound yoke and a 700-pound sled for 60 feet each
with a one-minute time limit.
Bigg Dogg Strongg Husafel Stone: (
am not sure what this means but that is how it is spelled)  400-pound H-stone lift from the ground
carried as far as possible. Chalk only. No built up belts.
Allen Tillery Chevy Colorado
Wheelbarrow: Truck will be lifted and carried 80 feet with one-minute time
limit. No straps. Unlimited drops. Chalk only.
Keg Over
the Bar: 16-foot bar with 8 kegs of various weights thrown over the bar with a
one-minute time limit.
Push-Pull Medley: 200-pound circus
DB; 675-pound axle deadlift; 320-pound axle clean and press; 715-pound standard
deadlift; 340-pound log clean and press. Any order in 75 seconds. Straps and
chalk allowed.
Allen Tillery Chevy Cruze Car
Hold: Car will be lifted and held as long as possible. Straps and chalk
Atlas Stones: 300-pound to 60
inches; 330-pound to 60 inches; 360-pound to 54 inches; 380-pound to 54 inches;
420-pound to 54 inches. In a 75 second time limit.For more details visit or 
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