Another diamond found at Crater of Diamonds

Zoie Clift
The below news was just sent this way by Joan Ellison over at
Arkansas State Parks.  Another
diamond was found at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro the other
day, this time by 14-year old Peter Slowik of New Hampshire. Some kids have all
the luck as they say. Below are more details from the release:
Over the years stories have been told at the Crater of Diamonds State
Park about visitors who found diamonds in the footprints of other park visitors.  Yesterday, 14-year-old Peter Slowik of
Strafford, New Hampshire, did just that as he was surface searching with his
dad in the park’s 37 ½-acre diamond search area near the south washing
pavilion.  Deep in a footprint
Slowik noticed a sparkling 2.70-carat white diamond that resembles a miniature
cube of ice.  And so, he chose to
name his diamond the Arkansas Ice. 
According to Park Superintendent Justin Dorsey, “Peter Slowik’s diamond
is so clear, just like a piece of ice. 
And, it’s so brilliant that when we looked at it under the microscope, its
color even has an icy blue look to it.” 
He said, “I think when Peter chose to call it the Arkansas Ice, he gave his
diamond the perfect name.”Dorsey noted that Slowik included the
word Arkansas in the name because he always wanted to remember this unique
experience at the park.  Dorsey
emphasized, “This is such a great story

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