Argenta Farmers Market Opens Saturday
With Arkansas Strawberries

Kerry Kraus

So many wonderful things come with warmer temperatures in Arkansas, one of which is all the great homegrown produce. The Certified Arkansas Famers Market in the Argenta Historic District opens Saturday, April 16 full of Arkansas-grown vegetables, fruits, flowers and more. According to organizers, they have a LOT of strawberries so this is one of the first opportunities for some delicious Arkansas berries. The Boomers will provide live entertainment.

The market is located at 6th and Main Streets in downtown North Little Rock, opening at 7 a.m., closing at noon. All products are certified as coming from Arkansas family farmers. Once you’ve purchased fresh produce, head across the street to the Argenta Market for more organic and fresh items, such as meat, cheeses, breads and condiments.

Can Arkansas tomatoes be far behind?

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