Arkansas Air Museum and Ozark Military Museum Merge

It only makes sense to me to see the Arkansas Air Museum and Ozark Military Museum merge. They are located beside each other at Drake Field in Fayetteville, after all. The new name will be the Arkansas Air and Military Museum.
The Arkansas Air Museum opened in August 1986 and became the state’s first and largest air museum. It’s located in a beautiful old wooden hangar that is in itself a site to see. The museum gives people a place to learn about planes and how northwest Arkansas developed with Drake Field. It also serves to get younger people interested in the aviation field.
The Ozark Military Museum is dedicated to preserving aircraft, weapons and other memorabilia from WWII and other military conflicts. Some items of inventory include the Navy SNJ Advanced Trainer from WWII, the Air Force T-33 Trainer from the Korean War, and the Navy A-7 attack aircraft from the Vietnam War.
The collection at the combined museums includes antique and classic style airplanes. All planes are flyable except one. Admission prices are $10 for adults, $4 for children, and free for children under 6 years old. Rides on the Stinson S Junior are available for $50.
Look for several events hosted by the museum over the next year, including Chill with the Hills to raise money for the 7Hills Homeless Shelter. Event festivities are barbeque, music and a prize giveaway. On May 26 the museum will hold an Aviator’s Ball comprised of food, a live auction and a silent auction.
The Arkansas Air and Military Museum will host the Air Race Classic in 2013. This is a nonprofit organization promoting women’s roles in aviation. The terminus of the flight route will be at the Arkansas Air Museum and will be a unique event to witness.
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