Arkansas Folklore: The Fouke Monster

Zoie Clift


For a different experience
this Halloween, try catching a glimpse of the White River or Fouke Monster,
both celebrated in Arkansas folklore. The White River creature has been
reported as being “a gigantic sea serpent-like beast.” The Fouke Monster is the
basis of one of the most famous legends in the state, something of a Southern

The report of a
“big-foot-type monster” terrorizing a rural home outside of Fouke
spawned The Legend of Boggy Creek, the documentary-style film by South Arkansas native Charles Pierce in
the early 1970s. The film assured a place in folklore history for the Bigfoot
look-a-like, which has allegedly been seen in and around Fouke since the 1940s.
The low budget, campy movie earned cult status and the familiarity of this tale
and the regular resurgence in the media of yeti, Bigfoot, and caveman-like
characters keep the legend alive. The Fouke legend continued to spread beyond
the original film via two sequels featuring the 7-foot-tall, ape-like creature
that supposedly haunts the swampy Sulphur River bottoms of Miller County, south
of Texarkana. The creature was allegedly last seen near the junction of the
Sulphur and Red Rivers. 

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