Arkansas Food Fun Facts — Did You Know?

Kerry Kraus


I’ve posted some trivia questions about various Arkansas towns in the past month or so. Today I’m going to share with you what may or may not be lesser known food facts about some Arkansas products and restaurants.
Did you know the Brown ‘n Serve dinner roll was created in Little Rock?  Meyer’s Bakery, once located downtown, invented this holiday staple in the 1930s.


could be called the peanut brittle capital of Arkansas. Two outstanding candy companies which specialize in nut brittles call this college town home: Juanita’s (photo right) and Andrews.

The Microplane® rasp, featured on just about every cooking show on television, was created by Grace Manufacturing Inc. in Russellville
The first fried dill pickles ever sold were at the old Duchess Drive-In in Atkins in 1963. Originally developed using pickle spears, today this popular appetizer is also made from pickle chips and is on many menus around the country. 

Two Arkansas restaurants are located in cellars — talk about atmosphere. The Weinkeller Restaurant at Wiederkehr Wine Cellars is in the original 1880 hand-dug wine cellar. The underground wine cellar of the old Knoble Brewery is now home to Doe’s Eat Place (photo right) in Fort Smith

You can eat in a cave — more atmosphere — in Eureka Springs at the War Eagle Outpost.  It’s located in the lobby of the historic Basin Park Hotel where every floor of the seven-story building is ground level.

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