Arkansas-Made Chocolates Are Perfect for Valentine

Valentine’s Day gift options for your loved ones are numerous, ranging from zany and practical to very expensive and out-of-this world. But you can’t beat the number one standard – chocolate. Here are some suggestions for doing chocolate but not just any plain, run-of-the-mill chocolate.

How about presenting your special person with candies handmade in The Natural State? Now that’s a February 14th they’ll long remember. I have sampled some of these suggestions, others have been tried by co-workers. This is not, by any means, a complete list; just some ideas. 

Plan your visits now or if you can’t make the road trips, order by phone or online. Remember, the Cupid’s Big Day is about a week and a half away!

River City Tea, Coffee and Cream

(top photo courtesy River City) has been around for as long as I can remember. Located in Little Rock’s historic Hillcrest neighborhood, their homemade candy is to be savored. If you don’t try anything else, don’t miss the truffles. You can pick up some gourmet coffee to round out the experience.
People always remember the Two Dumb Dames Fudge Factory (photo left) in Eureka Springs because of the catchy name. After trying their products, the shop get remembered for its sweet treats which are offered in addition to their famous fudge. You can even get sugar free items. The store’s website says they are closed until February 6 but you can still place Valentine’s Day orders.  

Kopper-Kettle Candies

(photo right courtesy Grav Wheldon)

in Van Buren has been offering their handmade goodies since 1925 so they have to be doing something right. They have a wonderful selection of chocolates and other sweets, including some scrumptious candy trays. Kopper-Kettle also has sugarless items. 

Martin Greer’s Candies

(photo left)

in Gateway uses recipes dating to 1896 describes itself as “A Father to Son Tradition.” Greer’s uses all fresh ingredients with no preservatives. A gorgeous eight-pound heart of associate chocolates is pictured on the website…now who wouldn’t love that?

Here are some other delicious sounding Arkansas candy-makers. So much to choose from…you’ve got Heart Day covered for the next few years!


Lambrecht Gourmet Toffees

Ozark Candy & Nuts

Stonebrook Fudge Factory


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