Arkansas Mountain Bike Series Offers Riders Wide Range of Races

If you are into mountain biking, there is an opportunity to unleash your energy on a wide range of races in the state. For starters, the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series calendar has races all across the state featuring a wide variety of  courses and terrain ranging from the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains to the Arkansas River Valley. This year’s lineup includes:

The Battle for Townsend’s Ridge at Hobbs State Park on Jue 3, Dawg Days in Arkadelphia on June 23, the Fat Tire Festival in Eureka Springs on July 15, the Riverside Classic in North Little Rock on July 21, the Slaughter Pen Jam in Bentonville on Sept. 8, the Northwest
Arkansas Championship on Sept. 15, the Spring Hill Classic in Barling on Oct.
7, the Iron Mountain Classic in Arkadelphia on Oct. 28, and Attila the Hun in Hot Springs on Nov. 18.

Also on the riding radar are four events in the 2012 Arkansas Mountain Bike Marathon Series. Riders must complete two of the
four events to be ranked and up to three events can count towards your series end rankings.

As to details,

Race #1 is the Spa City Extreme 6 Hr Mountain Bike Race on March 10. This is the season opener for Arkansas MTB Marathon Series and is held at Cedar Glades Park in Hot Springs.This is a very cool event and features a chance to catch pro riders in action during this U.S. Cycling Ultra Endurance National Race Calendar event.

Race #2 on the calendar is the Ouachita Challenge on April 1
. Due to field limits ( the race is limited to 500 riders) this race sells out quickly every year in record time ( and again is sold out). However, if you get a chance, head out to Oden to catch the race. It’s a great one. The event hosts two days of touring and racing on two landmark trails: The Womble Trail ( known for it’s fast trails) and the Ouachita Trail ( known for it’s scenic views of the Ouachita River).

Race #3 is T
he Sloberknocker ( great name!) on April 2 at Lake Sylvia and Race #4 is Syllamo’s Revenge on May 19 in Mountain View. Happy riding out there!

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