Bandit Run Coming to Hot Springs

Zoie Clift
Bandit Run ’09, a
re-enactment of the legendary 1977 Burt Reynolds “Smokey and the Bandit” movie
race, will be driving through Hot Springs next week May 11 and 12.

According to a news
release sent this way, in addition to the famous black Pontiac Trans Am driven
by Reynolds (The Bandit) in the movie, the ’09 Bandit Run features a
meticulously re-created semi-trailer like the one driven by his buddy Cledus
Snow, also known as Snowman (Jerry Reed), in the movie. A total of 60 cars and
the Snowman truck take part in the convoy.

The vehicles are
anticipated to arrive in town around 3:30 p.m. (they will be traveling from
Branson)  on Monday May 11 and  will be on display until around 6. They
will depart for Memphis early the next day.

The Bandit Run began
in 2007 as a way of marking the 30th anniversary of the movie, which is about a
trip by two friends (Reynolds and Reed) delivering a truckload of 400 cases of
Coors beer from Texarkana to Atlanta.

For the re-enactments,
a group of “runners” has re-created Snowman’s 1970s-era Kenworth semi-trailer.
Fans will be able to have their photos made with the truck. For more information
contact Steve Arrison at 501-321-2027.

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