Bandit Run Makes it to Hot Springs

Zoie Clift
Today the replica of Snowman’s semi trailer and a
group of Trans Am honoring the Smokey & the Bandit movie (which was the
second highest grossing film of 1977, just behind Star Wars) drove into
Arkansas.  Since 2007, fans have
gotten together once a year to recreate the famous run to Atlanta also known as The Bandit
Run. For the first time, the group made a stop in the state on their route. The
run started yesterday at Area 57 in Branson, MO. The group (which includes
around 60 cars) is scheduled to leave for Tennessee tomorrow and then on to Georgia.
The daily mileage is said  to be
kept at around 2-300 miles of travel a day and the run ends on May
16.  This afternoon the group
parked their cars in the Hot Springs Convention Center Hall C  ( the spot served as a last minute location change from outdoors to indoors due
to the weather forecast)  Here are
a few shots from their pit stop in Hot Springs. For more
details, visit
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