Butterfly Count at Rich Mountain

Zoie Clift
There are over 150
species of butterflies in Arkansas. If you are interested in learning more about these beautiful creatures, park interpreters and other
butterfly experts will be at Queen Wilhelmina State Park in Mena this weekend (July 10) to search for butterflies
at the North American Butterfly Association Butterfly Count  (July 10) at Rich Mountain. The mountain climbs to 2,681 feet, the second highest peak in the state.
In most parts of
the U.S., you can find around 100 species of butterflies near your home. The
number is higher in the Rio Grande Valley and some parts of the West, somewhat
less in New England. As one goes northward into Canada the number decreases,
while as one goes southward into Mexico the number greatly increases. The count is open to both
novice and seasoned butterfly-watchers and is a chance for participants to learn about
the distribution and population of these winged beauties. Visit
www.queenwilhelmina.com or call 479-394-2863 for more information.

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