Catch a Spring Break Show of Intrigue Theater, The Ghosts Have Answers in Eureka Springs

If you liked the movies, The Illusionist and The Prestige, you’ll love Intrigue Theater, The Ghosts Have Answers in Eureka Springs – a town known for its Victorian architecture, art galleries, restaurants, music shows, ghosts, and numerous other attractions.

“Our show is based on a lot of what is in those movies,” said Sean-Paul, creator of Intrigue Theater. Sean-Paul and his wife Juliana Fay take guests back in time for a Victorian, turn-of-the-century experience. You can catch a show at The Auditorium during these Spring Break dates: March 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, and 31. Intrigue Theater opens for its full 2012 season in May and runs through Halloween.

“The first half is kind of a traditional illusion mentalist performance,” explained Sean-Paul. “It’s very interactive with the audience.” According to his website, Sean-Paul gives “magical demonstrations, feats of astonishing mental capabilities, and a guest from the audience under hypnosis will regress back to a previous life and return with physical proof!”

In the second half, his wife joins him on stage as a “clairaudient medium” and “telepath.” They explore the paranormal and elements of spiritualism in a séance, as observed and celebrated in the 19th century.

Sean-Paul says they’ve been very excited about the audience response. “People are leaning on the edge of their seats,” he added. “At the end of the show we don’t usually get standing ovations. We usually see people kind of misty-eyed and close to tears because they’ve been touched by the show.”

On Trip Advisor, Intrigue Theater is ranked number one out of 28 attractions in Eureka Springs. And the comments have me eager to see it. Delores G. commented, “They Have You at Times at the End of Your Seat. Its Romantic, Its Mind Boggling, They Are Awesome.”
Kytar wrote, “Excellent show, Very unique & different! Las Vegas quality for a reasonable price!”

Momma5573 of Huntsville, commented, “My young son and I attended the show and we had both had a rough day and we both needed something to cheer us up. Your show was amazing and we got to be a part of it which made it even more spectacular. My son, Noah has not stopped talking about it and his souvenirs he brought home.”

Holly Hanson of Texas wrote, “I thought the show was so entertaining. I have always been interested in the paranormal and trickery. I was maybe a little skeptical, but found the show made me more of a believer. I loved the audience’s participation. My favorite part was the voodoo doll and the part where Julianne could see the contents in everyone’s purses and wallets. Amazing! I didn’t want it to end; I wanted Sean-Paul and Julianne to go on. The atmosphere in the Eureka Springs auditorium couldn’t have been more perfect. Halloween weekend really set the mood. Thank-you for a wonderful show. I will be looking forward to seeing the show again.”

Some commented that the show is not recommended for children, while others thought people should bring the whole family. Regarding age appropriateness, Sean-Paul said many kids come, but the performance is a more intellectual affair.

“This is not the kind of show where things jump out,” said Sean-Paul. “Ghosts give answers to things only people know the answers to. It’s not bunnies coming out of a hat. It’s things that make you think and really wonder what just happened.”

The location adds to the experience. Intrigue Theater started last year at the Queen Anne Mansion, but quickly outgrew it. They moved to the historic Auditorium, built in 1928. While it has had some renovations, it retains the fabulous ambience of the era it was constructed in.

“It totally puts people in that element,” Sean-Paul explained. “It really is the kind of experience I think people come to Eureka Springs to have without knowing it. They come for the architecture and then go in the almost 100-year-old theater and see a turn-of-the-century show.”

He added,” In appearance it’s turn-of-the-century, but it is just as good as anything out there today. We have magicians come to our show and not know how we’re doing what we’re doing.”

Sean-Paul enjoys entertaining people and seeing how his audience is affected. “So much of what we do in our show is original to our show,” he said. “To see the reaction it gets from the audience is a real rush for me.”

“We absolutely love Eureka Springs and nothing has been as professionally gratifying as what we’re working on now.”

Come this summer the duo will be married 11 years. They’ve been performing together since 1995. “She answered an ad in the paper,” Sean-Paul explained. “I was looking for a Barbie doll that didn’t mind getting cut in half. We’ve always had great chemistry.”

The shows start at 8 p.m. and the box office opens one hour beforehand. You can also buy tickets by calling the box office at 479 244 7028 or online at

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