Checking out the World Champion Cheese Dip Winner

Kerry Kraus


Yesterday I finally got to sample the winner of the 1st annual World Championship Cheese Dip Festival, held in October at Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock. I had lunch at Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro in downtown Little Rock with a couple of friends. There is a cheese dip on the menu but I asked just to make sure it was the winner. I was told by a very helpful waiter that the award-winning dip (top photo right) hadn’t been added to the menu yet but was available. So we ordered some.

I understand why it won. Please note: It’s not your typical Tex-Mex or Mexican cheese dip. In a word, we all pronounced it “awesome.” Usually I can guess what some of the ingredients are in dishes but I couldn’t begin to tell you the combination of cheeses Dizzy’s uses. There is a little kick to it provided by the pico de gallo. Judging by the deep, dark red, I would guess it’s made from either sun dried or fire roasted tomatoes. The very crunchy chips have to be homemade. They are of varying thickness, ranging from almost see-through thin to some more substantial. All were very crispy and fresh.

But Dizzy’s  is more than just cheese dip. We each ordered a different dish off the menu so we could sample. The Baked Potato Soup was outstanding, perfect for the windy, chilly day we chose to visit. The Sicilian Dip is different from your usual dip because it has a creamy alfredo sauce instead of au jus. I selected the Four Cheese and Ham Dip. My sandwich has a four-cheese dipping sauce. The consensus on the entrees was the same as the cheese dip – awesome.

The portions are huge. We all took more than half our meal home with us. We will definitely be back to sample more of the menu. If you’ve never been, give Dizzy’s a try. It’s a wonderful addition to downtown Little Rock. It’s located at 200 River Market Avenue, #150.

Something else to like about Dizzy’s. They are very environmentally aware and practice what they believe. And don’t miss the cool light fixtures and artwork on the walls.

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