Cirque Shanghai: Bai XI

Zoie Clift
Direct from China, Cirque Shanghai: Bai Xi  is scheduled to
land at Texarkana’s Historic Perot Theatre on Nov. 23. The show has been described as “magical and
mind-boggling, a visual feast of something that should be impossible, but

The show will include a
lineup that combines fast paced contemporary dance, martial arts, costumed
choreography, tight wire walking, physical strength and balance, lavish sets,
and exotic music into a theatrical evening.

The show is anchored by
world-class athletes: men and women trained as gymnasts, acrobats and
aerialists. Dating back more than 3000 years, Chinese acrobatic shows were
first called “Bai Xi,” meaning “one hundred amazing acts” in reference to the
performer’s seemingly limitless skills.  These daring feats were commanded
by China’s Imperial Court and were so beloved that they’ve been passed down
through the centuries. And are now making their way to Arkansas. The show is presented by TRAHC, the Texarkana Regional
Arts and Humanities Council with additional funding from Mid-America
Arts Alliance which is underwritten by the National Endowment for the Arts, and
the Arkansas Arts Council. For more information and for ticket prices visit:

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